Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Final Post

In this term, my ESL teacher gave us a freedom of choosing topic and make a project of it. In this project there are 4 parts that I have to complete which are; knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis. I chose "ballet" as the topic of my project. I want to learn more about it because I think this particular dance is very pretty and elegant.

The first step is called "knowledge". In this part, I have to collect information about my topic as much as I could. Therefore, I did some research about the basic movements in ballet and some of the glossary.

The second step is comprehension. In this part, I made a video to compare each of the movements. At first, I took a video of someone doing the 5 basic movements and sequence it. I put it into iMovie and for the back sound I recorded my own voice talking about the explanation.

The third step is the application part. in this part I have to do what I have learned which is doing the 5 basic movements. at first I wanted to make it into a video but then I thought it was boring because I already made a video in my Comprehension part. I tried to think about what I could do to apply the 5 basic movements in ballet but I couldn’t find it and I ran out of time so at last I decided to do the post. I wasn't very happy with my decision but this is the only thing that I could think of and do in a very short time. If I have one more change to do it, I want to do something that for certain better than this one.

The last thing that i have to do before i finish this project is to write my analysis paragraph, and this is my analysis paragraph:
I think I always communicate my understanding while doing this project. The first thing I did was by making a step by step and then creating a video to explain how to do the 5 basic movement. Llastly, I took photos of me doing the 5 basic movement.

The first way to communicate my understanding was by making the step by step of how to do the 5 basic movement in ballet. I did some research about the basic steps and found pictures of 5 of them and then give an explanation of how to do it by writing with my own words. I think this is not really effective because I only explained it by words and maybe not everyone could understand what I wrote.

Comparing each of the movements also one way of how to show my understanding. I compared the movements by making a short video to show it. At first I took a video from YouTube of someone doing it and sequence it, put it into iMovie and I talked about it.

I think my first and second way to demonstrate my understanding wasn't really really effective. Therefore, I decided to applying what I know, so I took photos of me doing all the 5 legs basic movements and explained it with my own words again. And I think this is the best way of communicate my understanding because people can see how I explain it and how I do it.

This is the video when I did the interview with my teacher:

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