Thursday, January 13, 2011

Short Reflection

So far, I've learned about the meaning of parts of speech, nouns and adjective and also the various types of nouns. Parts of speech are words that we put into categories. There are eight parts of speech. Noun is word that describes things, place, person or idea. Adjective is word that describes nouns. Adjective makes the nouns to be more specific.

In class, we use Brain Pop to help us in the learning process. Brain Pop is web that is designed to help us to understand school subjects. It provides video and quiz for each topic available. For example, in English they have grammar, writing, reading and so on. For each topic, they break it down to smaller parts such as adjective, adverbs and nouns. Personally, I think Brain Pop is not interesting but it helps to understand some subjects easily.

Other than Brain Pop we also use Google Docs in learning process. It is one of facilities provided by Google, which means, you have to have Google account to enjoy this service. Google Docs help us to share documents with friends when we do our group work.  We agree to go online at certain time and do all the work together. I like the idea of using Google Docs because it is time and place efficient. Since this is new for me, I am glad that my teacher introduce this to me.

If in any way, I have to do a tutor in grammar, I would like to make it into a comic so it will be more interesting. I will put color, pictures, and characters to make it more appealing.  While for words, I will choose simple ones to make it easy to understand.