Thursday, November 25, 2010

Emotive Language

I’ve learned about emotive language in ESL class. Emotive language is the words that can make people feel something. I learn about it because I will use the emotive language to make poster, slogan, and documentary to my project in my English class.

First, I use a thesaurus to find the words that I don’t understand and I use Google Docs to share the document with someone in my group.  And then I chose two to four words each to make slides. After that, I learned about creative commons and copyright to find the creative commons images using Flickr.

I don’t really like this part because to find a creative commons picture is hard. Creative commons is something that we can use in public. After I found the great pictures, I start to edit and combine it using Picnik and post it in new slide using Google Docs presentation and print the images for class display. I love this part because I like decorating class. And the last step is writing my reflection about the process.

The most important thing I’ve learn here is when I use Google Doc to share with someone in my group because it’s very useful so we can do the project in the same document and in the same time.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Movie Poster of Living with Air Pollution

Air is the most important element for human to survive. We need to breathe 13.5 kg of clean air and we can only survive 1-2 minutes without air. But, unfortunately dangerous air pollution in Jakarta is comprised of particles, chemicals or biological matter thrust into the air that causes damage to the fragile atmosphere. Jakarta is now known as the most polluted city in Asia. In this documentary, we provide the information of how pollution started, and most importantly we give the solutions of how to make the world a better place to live.

If you want to see my reflection, click here

Movie Poster Reflection

In ESL class, I made a poster for my documentary in my English class. My topic is “Air Pollution in
Jakarta”. The movie is almost finished. In language B my teacher asked me to make a poster for this movie. To make the poster, first, I have to find a creative commons pictures that match with my topic from “flickr”. This is the most frustrated part because the Internet is so slow and it’s so hard to find a good picture so I continue finding the pictures at home because it’s faster. I chose this picture because it tells people that the number of vehicles in Jakarta is too many and in my documentary I also mentioned that 70% of air pollution in Jakarta caused by vehicle. And then I uploaded that images into Big Huge Labs and added the title, tagline and credits.

 The title of our documentary movie is “Living with Air Pollution”. The idea came up the first time when we made the poster. We discussed what was going to be the contents. Then Nathalie said, “How about Living with Air Pollution?” we talked about it for a while and decided to use it as the title. The reason behind it is because everyday three of us witness the making of pollution. When we go to school, we take off at the same time with people who go to the office. So, you can see the roads are filled with cars. Each of the cars is burning the fuel and produce smoke that pollutes the air. The question is “What if we calculate the smoke from all of the cars in Jakarta?” we take this as a consideration and decided to use it as a topic, which leads to the title.

In the poster, there is a tagline. Tagline is like a slogan that describes our movie and the slogan should be able to make people interested to watch our movie. My tagline is “It’s about Willingness, It’s about Change”. I think Big Huge Labs is a bit disturbing because I cannot preview what I’ve done. Writing taglines for my poster is quite difficult because we should be able to make people become curious and want to watch our documentary. My tagline was “ It’s All About Willingness, It’s all about Change”. I chose those words because in the documentary movie I want people to change the way the live so that air will be less polluted. And that is why in the documentary film, we provide solutions. Those solutions will work if there is willingness from the viewer to change the world.

I get the information for my research in Internet. And for my documentary, I have to make a blurb too. Blurb is like a synopsis about your film or documentary. In my blurb I also use emotive language because I want to make people feel something. And lastly, I hope people are going to watch my movie and moved by the idea of saving the world.

Language is playing big role in this whole project because with language I can say words and send the main point of this project. I cannot imagine how to work or let people know what I am trying to say without language.

It is not really difficult to choose the title because we already know the topic so the only challenges is to make it sounds interesting so that people want to watch our documentary movie.

The photo is picturing the every day scene of Jakarta around 5 o’clock. And as usual the roads are full of cars. And I think that picture represent the story of my documentary film. The picture that I choose for my documentary poster is a picture that describes the large number of vehicles in Jakarta. This is also the moment when the air is most polluted.

I think the most difficult part is when I have to make a blurb because when I made it I have to think about the readers. I want to be as persuasive as I can so that they want to watch the movie. It is also difficult when I have to tell the story without giving the whole idea to the readers; it has to be enough only as a teaser.

I think part of the unit were easy for me is when I make the poster. Because I only have to put the picture and a little bit information and I think it’s not hard.

I do and I don’t like doing this project. When we do the documentary film, it is teamwork. I enjoy it because I don’t have to do it by myself and things are faster since we do it together. But when I have to do the writing, I don’t really like it because basically I don’t like writing.

If you want to see the poster and the blurb, click here