Thursday, May 19, 2011


In this week, my task is to show the information that I have and illustrate how to do them. After I do some trial of the movements, I examine some of the hardest and easiest movements. 

This is me when I do the five basic legs movement:

First Position:

I stand up with both of my heels touched and open the fronts slightly like a “V” shape.

Second Position:

From the first position, I open the heels.

Third Position:

The right foot is in front of the other with the heels touching the middle part of the left foot.

Fourth Position:

From third position I slide the right foot forward so they're apart

Fifth Position:
From the fourth position pull the heel of right foot to touch the toes of left foot. 

For me, the hardest movement is the fifth because I think it is just awkward and it is hard to position my foot like that and it is also difficult to stand with your foot in that position. But after I do it 3 or 4 times, it is not that painful again. Even though my fifth position is still not good but at least I can stand with that position without any problem anymore :)) 

And I think the first and second position is the easiest because it's just making your heels touched then make a letter "V" and then open the heels.

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