Monday, April 11, 2011

Learning Syles

There are 3 different types of learning, which are visual learners (learn through seeing), auditory learners (learn through listening) and kinesthetic learners (learn through moving, doing and touching).

People who learn visually have to see the teacher's body language and facial expression to understand the lesson. They choose to sit in front of class so they can see the teacher's body language without any barrier. In learning process, they like to make like a diagram or pictures to help them understand about the topic.

The auditory types learn best through verbal lectures, discussions and debates. The sound of voice helps them to remember the topics. They prefer to sit and listen to the teacher rather than being involved like touching or moving. 

A kinesthetic learner can't just sit for the whole period they may become bored. The best way to learn for them is being active an involved such as moving and doing. Exploring the surrounding helps them to understand.

I am a kinesthetic learner because I am easily bored when I have to sit and just listen. I need to move and touch stuff. Being actively involved is helping me to understand more. For example in the science class, I love to do experiment because it is fun and I can move around. But it is inevitable that many of the subjects are taught that way. Maybe it is me to improve the learning technique. 

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  1. Than why are you always siting in class and looking bored? Get up, move around. Go to another room and practice your dance moves. Record yourself. You must bring your style to each situation, not wait for teachers to design lessons for you.